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Suit that tells you how to woo a girl

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WASHINGTON: Those who find it difficult to tell their partners how much they love them need not worry anymore, thanks to a new ‘Cyrano Suit’ that can provide enough confidence to a shy man to express his feelings confidently.

The suit has been designed to give its wearer the scripts/notes to act and perform as sensible and gentlemen with confidence.

It also provides the wearer the lines that may help him reveal his un-shown true feelings.

Apparently, the suit is also capable of suggesting what topics one should discuss with the woman in front of him.

Its designer Eugene Ahn claims that she has embedded a series of sensors in the suit’s arms and chest, which detect physical interaction with a woman.

She says that the system also uses a hacked receipt printer to deliver romantic lines straight to the breast pocket of the wearer.

“What it prints depends on the distance to the woman,” Wired News quoted her as saying.


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