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Special suits for a virtual sexperience


WASHINGTON: No matter how graphic the sex animations may be on the virtual playground, they can't compete with the movement of the human body.

But soon people will be able to slip into motion-capture suits to capture those natural moves and engage the entire body in online sexual adventures, rather than limping along with a keyboard and mouse.

Kevin Alderman, who's already infamous for the sex animations his company Strokerz Toyz creates for Second Life, is developing a wireless, consumer-level motion-capture suit that's expected to hit shelves in 2009.

"Right now only a dozen or so sites on the web offer downloadable mocap files,"he said.

"You have to wait until some studio becomes benevolent enough to make the animations you want, or you have to engage them for your specific needs,"he added.

Personal motion-capture suits will enable residents to contribute sex animations to the world of their choice, and to develop scenarios tailored to their own deepest desires, especially if they team up with others who also have the suits.

Source : TOI


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